Simplify your end-use IT with Microsoft Surface on a device as a service basis

First published on ITWeb

microsoft surface

Crimson Line is bringing the range of professional Microsoft Surface devices to the South African market as a device as a service offering for the first time, enabling companies to meet the evolving needs of their workforce.

Small and medium businesses traditionally struggle to cost-effectively manage their staff devices. With multiple devices from numerous manufacturers, providing a consistent level of support increases the burden on IT teams. Something that has only increased with more people working remotely as a result of COVID-19.

Karen Koen, Sales and Marketing Manager at Crimson Line, comments that buying new hardware is always a grudge purchase for financial managers, but moving to DaaS enables them not only to reduce the total cost of ownership, but to move all costs associated with end-user device support onto a single contract.

“This enables companies to cover all their hardware, software, staff security and insurance costs with a single fee. We ensure that all the devices are fully managed and, should anything go wrong, there is a single point of contact to get it resolved,” she says.

“Not only does this ensure that companies have a stronger grasp on the costs associated with their IT infrastructure, but it also allows IT teams to focus on key priorities around automation and improving internal processes.”

Total cost of ownership is key

She adds that often smaller companies don’t consider all the associated costs when buying hardware, leaving them with a higher total cost of ownership in the long run. Standardising on the Surface product set avoids this.

“The Microsoft Surface device family sets the standard for Windows devices,” says Louis Koen, Owner of Crimson Line. Because they are designed by Microsoft, you get a better overall experience than from other vendors. The devices are optimised to work with Windows and the rest of the Microsoft product family. This minimises the potential for a negative user experience and simplifies the support process.

“With less downtime and faster resolution of any issues, companies will see an improvement in productivity,” comments Louis.

He adds that with many people working from home, the benefits of DaaS are multiplied. “Not only are the issues around supporting remote workers taken off your hands, but onboarding new employees is as simple as ordering them a device. When they log-on on their first day, the device is configured to meet the requirements of their role. All with no effort on the part of the IT team.”

Companies also benefit from Crimson Line’s more than 21 years of experience and its national footprint. With its dedicated Microsoft focus, it is able to provide not just the device and management of the full Microsoft environment, but can advise companies on how to get the greatest value from their investment.