IT Service

Managed IT Service without CAPEX investment:

Crimson Line’s Device as a Service (DaaS) offers you fully managed devices, accessories, software, and IT support without Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) investment. Get the device and software combination that’s ideal for each user to prevent over or under investment. You can expect to see a reduction in unplanned device management costs.

CAPEX is funding that a company or organisation uses to acquire, improve, and maintain their physical assets. Businesses use it when undertaking new projects and potential investments. It helps increase the scope of the business operation.

Employees rely on tech to get their jobs done and access to the best, most efficient tools help their productivity tremendously. Hence today the pressure on CAPEX spend only increases with the fast pace at which technology becomes obsolete. Because industries and their respective environments continue to change daily. The only true constant in life is change. Therefore to continue using old hardware usually lead to a heavy burden placed on device management.

For one monthly service fee Crimson Line’s DaaS will allow you to:

  • Use IT resources more effectively to give you the edge rather than wasting your time and money on device maintenance.
  • Reduce capital investment which not only increases your cash flow but is tax friendly too.

85% of IT decision makers have no formal process for helping identify the right device/software combination for their workforce. Crimson Line’s DaaS service is the answer to this important question.

Speak to one of our friendly account managers to answer our questions to allow us to customise an offer for you.