Integrated Communication

Using only one integrated communication tool:

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange System. Companies use them internally as a private integrated communication telephone network. The users of such a system can communicate internally within the organisation and externally with the rest of the outside world. PBX also allows the use of more phones than the amount of physical phone lines and allows for limitless free calls between users on the system. It also provides features such as transfer calling, voicemail, call recording, and calling queues.

On-prem PBX calling is tied to a desk phone with call forwarding from desk to cell phone or a new call to a cell phone incurring another cost. The rate of first-time answers to a desk phone is only good when the workforce is at their desks. But with no Microsoft Teams calling plans available in South Africa, what is your alternative? ​

Crimson Line, Linux PBX and MS Teams specialists, offers you a simplified integrated communication system with unified calling, chat and meetings using Microsoft Teams. This 100% cloud-based subscription service connects office and remote employees to anyone with a Teams phone number. ​

Integrated Communication and using Teams calling from Crimson Line means that:

  • Your calls will be received and made from one communication tool.
  • You can see in real-time the availability of all colleagues.
  • You’ll get total solution management from one provider, Crimson Line. This includes how to overcome the fact that no Microsoft calling plans are available in South Africa.

Do your best work with simplified telephony in the cloud.

“Our integrated communication goes through one platform. Our employees no longer give out their personal cell numbers for anyone to reach them. It negates the reconciliation of calling costs at month end completely.” ​Finance Manager at Law practice​

You can speak to one of our friendly account managers to answer our questions to allow us to customize an offer for you.