Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan with Crimson Line:

No one wants to be the one stuck with a deadline and no way of completing the set goal in time because of hardware failure or power cuts. Crimson Line’s Disaster Recovery Plan is a Service that we implement with the goal to mitigate your risk against:

  • Power cuts – expected or unexpected;
  • Buying hardware under pressure after unexpected failure thereof; and
  • A secondary DR site that doesn’t have the same capabilities as your primary site.

A disaster recovery plan is a structured approach that describes how an organisation can quickly resume with their work after an unplanned incident such as a power surge or unexpected hardware failure. This plan is an essential part of any businesses continuity plan if you don’t want to lose time because of unforeseen failures.

Crimson Line can provide you with 24/7 available Disaster Recovery plan that you only pay for when you need it.

You can switch your DR on:

  • Before or just as a power cut happens;
  • After hardware has failed unexpectedly and you’re waiting for new parts or quotes; or
  • To test your DR preparedness.

With us you only pay for this extra set of hardware, already set up to your specification when switched on.

“By using Crimson Line’s DRaaS, we’ve improved our disaster preparedness while reducing DR-related work.”  CIO, redPanda Software

Speak to one of our friendly account managers to answer our questions to allow us to customise an offer for you and your needs and wants.