This is just so cool. Anybody can now go from idea to drawing to website in a much shorter time frame using Sketch2Code. Love it! Thanks to the YouTube channel Microsoft Developer for sharing.

Microsoft Developer explains the problem: “(The) User Interface Design process involves a lot a creativity that starts on a whiteboard where designers share ideas. Once a design is drawn, it is usually captured within a photograph and manually translated into some working HTML wireframe to play with in a web browser. This takes effort and delays the design process.”

The solution as explained by Microsoft Developer: “Within Microsoft Cognitive Services we host Computer Vision Service. The model behind this service has been trained with millions of images and enables object detection for a wide range of types of objects. In this case, we need to build a custom model and train it with images of hand-drawn design elements like a textbox, button or combobox. The Custom Vision Service gives us with the capability to train custom models and perform object detection for them. Once we can identify HTML objects we use the text recognition functionality present in the Computer Vision Service to extract hand-written text present in the design. By combining these two pieces of information, we can generate the HTML snippets of the different elements in the design. We then can infer the layout of the design from the position of the identified elements and generate the final HTML code accordingly.”

Visit GitHub/AI.lab to get started, but below is a description of the process.

The process of transforming a handwritten image to HTML with this solution is done following these steps:

  1. The user uploads an image through the website.
  2. A custom vision model predicts what HTML elements are present in the image and their location.
  3. A handwritten text recognition service reads the text inside the predicted elements.
  4. A layout algorithm uses the spatial information from all the bounding boxes of the predicted elements to generate a grid structure that accommodates all.
  5. An HTML generation engine uses all these pieces of information to generate an HTML markup code reflecting the result.

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