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Originally published on MyBroadband

MyBroadband recently conducted its 2019 Cloud Survey, which shed light on the South African cloud market and the adoption of cloud services in the business market.

The survey was completed by 386 IT decision makers in small, medium, and large businesses across South Africa.

According to the survey results, 77% of South African businesses are currently using cloud services in their IT department.

The most popular cloud services used by local companies are cloud backup solutions and software-as-a-service.

Some of the interesting findings from the 2019 Cloud Survey include:
31% of companies use cloud telecoms services.
71% of companies back their data up in the cloud.
Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are the most popular cloud platforms.

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Results summary
The table below provides an overview of the findings of the 2019 Cloud Survey.

Is your company using any cloud services?
Which cloud services are you using?
Backup as a service53.24%
Software as a service42.16%
Infrastructure as a service26.76%
Platform as a service26.22%
Recovery as a service20.54%
Is your company using any cloud telecoms service, like a cloud PBX?
Are you backing up your company’s data in the cloud?
Which cloud providers are you using?
Google Cloud39.19%
Microsoft Azure32.16%
VMWare Cloud5.41%
IBM Cloud3.51%
Oracle Cloud2.70%
What does your organisation see as the biggest benefits of cloud services?
Data backup68.11%
Disaster recovery60.00%
Cost savings53.51%
Flexibility and scalability52.16%
Data mobility44.86%
Operational efficiency44.59%
Automatic software updates23.51%
Competitive edge20.27%

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