azure migration

Ageing hardware no longer needs to be a worry with Azure Migration – redPanda Software

Hosting your own data centre means you need to keep track of hardware related issues. Software developers, redPanda Software, moved ahead of the curve by extending its data centre with an Azure migration before hardware needed to be replaced.

Business Problem

Because of data centre hardware nearing the end of its life, it resulted in redPanda Software looking at alternative solutions for its replacement.

The Solution, Azure Migration

The recommendation made by Crimson Line was to extend their data centre into Microsoft Azure. This meant that when redPanda Software needed to replace the hardware, Azure would be set up already and it would be easy to deploy according to their requirements. Thus Azure Migration is a Microsoft service that helps an enterprise assess how its on-premises workloads will perform, and how much they will cost to host, in the Azure public cloud.


Crimson Line did an assessment of the system requirements to determine total costs to client. On approval of quotations, we prioritised thoroughly to identify which applications to migrate, what sequence to do them in, and when to do so to plan for a phased migration. Crimson Line then empowered redPanda Software to migrate data themselves as they needed to do so.

Deliverables of Azure Migration

  • Azure readiness assessment
  • Azure discovery and best practices
  • Training for all relevant company members

Key Customer Benefits

  • Scalable solution
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced local server footprint
  • Reduced IT cost through eliminating server maintenance
  • No downtime during migration