Can SA SMEs gain the same benefits from the cloud as Chevron? Yes!

By Crimson Line Marketing on 9 December 2019

To cut costs and ensure their data is secure, Chevron is modernizing their IT infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud. What are you doing to modernize your IT infrastructure?

Chevron does business in over 30 countries around the world. With a distributed workforce and data coming from all over, they needed a solution to simplify, modernize, and secure their aging IT infrastructure. Chevron used Azure to convert legacy infrastructure to off-premises and automated their disaster recovery efforts. Watch this video to see how they also dropped infrastructure costs and improved security.

Crimson Line can help you not only handle your Azure lift & shift, but also your modernization to optimize the use of cloud services. We’re a gold Microsoft partner with resources available to handle your project. We often help inhouse teams to upskill their own resources doing valuable knowledge transfer. It’s our history of 21 years – we care, we share.